Joshuah Buckle

       Photographer  |         Author  |        Filmmaker  |         Founder of Persius Entertainment


With over 10 years of experience in photography, design, video production, editing, advertising and writing, my life is ruled by a passion for the creative.


From modeling portfolios and wildlife shoots to commercial photography and video production, I put 100% of myself into every project because I believe in creating the best product possible.


"Choice not chance, dictates direction and passion strengthens fortitude" - Joshuah Buckle


Every business, event and person is unique, so let me help you create something outstanding to represent your product or service by creating an online commercial that you can use for any video platform. For information of video production, use the contact form below.

"Working with Joshuah on this commercial was a wonderful experience. His ability to listen and hone in on what we are trying to do was amazing. He truly captured the essence of a dream and created a visual and sound that reflected our reality. Thank you Joshuah for your skill and interpretation. We are richer for knowing you."

- Marianne Lethbridge

Vintner's Secret Vineyard


From modelling portfolios to events and weddings, having a professional photographer that dedicates themselves to you is a must-have for all occasions. For information and quotes, use the contact form below.

"Such a great photographer! Me and Shania actually had the best time getting all our photos and we are so happy with the quality of your work, definitely recommending."


- Josh and Shania Spross

"Joshuah is honestly my favourite photographer to work with! Take every opportunity i can to get a few photos in with him! Definitely recommend."


- Annalise Kellie


When the world learns of a solar flare that threatens humanity's very survival, five young friends meet to say their goodbyes.


As the world begins to shake, their lives are changed forever. The pure power of the flare tears a hole in time and thrusts the teens fifteen hundred years into the future, where Earth has reset itself. Fearful in this new world, they discover colonies of humans that have lived on through the flare.


Along with this discovery comes another, of a deadly threat that lurks in the shadows; a threat that could prevent all life from continuing.

My body lay in the dark alley, broken and bruised. Rain softly dripped down the brick walls, and over my beaten form. I had no memories of anything that had happened before I woke, and I was alone, with no idea where I was.


Josiah wakes in a world that is new to him, and is unaware of the dangers that hide within it. He is hunted by two Rangers, and a separate group, who seem to know everything from his past.


When he befriends Leneya, whose job as a Ranger is to hunt Josiah, he learns that the world he woke up in isn't only what it seems to be. He soon finds himself torn; between the life he was meant to lead, and the path he wishes to choose for himself.


It is in the midst of this struggle that he discovers the dark purpose he was created for. 'The Rise' is Josiah's story; one of inner conflict and of a battle between good and evil.


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Joshuah Buckle